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We are picking up our 8 week old Wheaten Terrier puppy in the next few days. We will take him home in a small travel crate, but have a question about what to do as he's grown...

We have two younger kids, both in booster/car seats. We have a GMC Acadia with bucket seats and not a huge trunk. If we are traveling for a weekend and need to pack the trunk, where is best place to put the pup? I don't think we'd be able to fill the trunk with kid stuff/luggage and fit a full size crate with pup in it. We don't have any other seats open because of the bucket seats and 2 kids/wife in passenger seat.

Can you keep a dog at the foot of the backseat, or between two bucket seats but not restrained? Any other ideas? I want to avoid swapping out into a new car.

Thanks so much,
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