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New dog mom member here.

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Finally got around to searching for a dog forum, and this baby popped up first! Thought I'd give a quickie introduction like the forums asked me, too.

My boyfriend and I have three dogs, and foster for a rescue that pulls from kill shelters. I groom and basically all of my time is spent with dogs. Naturally, I love all dogs, but love mine the best ;)

Smalls is a little over two years old and what breeds she is is up in the air. She's about 50 lbs, short, long, and goofy. We think she may be a beagle mix of sorts, but she does display some behaviors that would lead us to believe she is a pointer somewhere in there. I found Smalls on PetFinder when she was 7 weeks old. I drove about 9 hours round trip to pick her up. When I arrived at the shelter they informed me she had parvo (that somehow in all of our communications never came up and just manifested itself that morning), and that I could look at her if I wanted, but if I didn't want her they'd put her down and I should see their other dogs. Immediately I demanded the puppy. When we got to her cage it was CLEAR she was not suffering from Parvo. She had a prolapsed rectum where 5 inches of her intestines had been forced out (she was extremely emaciated at 5.8 lbs and they had fed her generic adult food) To make a long story short, she had a lengthy surgery she wasn't supposed to survive, and the shelter staff was cleaned out after veterinary proof that she had been like that for at least two weeks and they had caused it. Here she is today:

District Attorney Jack McCoy is our Norwegian Elkhound. His age is also a guess, but he's on the smaller side and estimated to be at least over 5 years old. He was a stray in Indiana and a local shelter pulled him on his last day at a kill shelter. He then spent 8 months at an outside 24/7 shelter with very little socialization, if any. After we adopted him the vet found many healed fractures through out his hips and jaw that were probable abuse and never take care of. He was terrified of every thing for about 3 months. You couldn't stand up from sitting too quickly because he would run to a corner and scrunch himself up. Now he has been with us over a year and is a completely different dog. He walks up to anyone and everyone happily, and doesn't spook anymore. He is also extremely well behaved, save for his constant barking we're trying to calm:

LAST but not least (so much for a quick introduction?) is Jonas, my 3 year old Miniature Dachshund. He was also pulled from a high kill shelter on his last day after he was dumped by a breeder who wasn't having success selling his puppies/showing him because his ears are deformed. We found him at the same shelter as Jack McCoy, scrawny, unaltered, his coat feeling like a bag of dirt, dragon claw nails, and his ears and tails bald and bleeding. His AKC papers and every thing dumped with him. He is fixed up healthy with a lot of issues we're trying to work out, but he's happy and safe:

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You are a very nice person --- lucky for the dogs :)---I adopted my guy from a shelter on Petfinder too.

Welcome & woof-woof:p
Thanks. I'm glad to finally find a dog oriented messaged board. :)

Petfinder is a huge downfall for me. I can't stay away from looking at dogs every day and wanting to bring them home.
Hi and welcome to DF!
Your dogs are lovely:)
Welcome! You've got some great dogs there, and I think you're great too for rescuing them. I have a soft spot for rescued dogs. :)
Welcome! You've got some great dogs there, and I think you're great too for rescuing them. I have a soft spot for rescued dogs. :)
I always convince myself I'm going to just purchase a puppy (I miss puppies, two of the three were adult rescues) and then I get on the dreaded petfinder and find someone I can't resist. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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