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New dog hasn't gone potty yet.

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Hi everyone. I just adopted a new dog. She is a Lab/Cocker Spaniel mix who will turn 2 years old in a week. My problem is that since we've brought her home today she hasn't potty once. We have taken her outside to the potty spot about 10 times because she has gone to the door and it seems as though she needs to go potty but once we get her outside she doesn't. At the shelter she did go potty in the outside meeting area right in front of us. Since this is my first dog, I'm not really sure how often 2 year olds go potty. Please someone help me! Am I worrying too much about this or what. Is it truly necessary for her to go potty before I crate her for the night?
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Sometimes new dogs WON'T go for the first day or so. They are in a new environment and especially if they haven't eaten a lot recently, they'll hold off for awhile.

I'd take her out one more time and if she still doesn't go, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's not as if you can force her to do it anyway. Just be sure to take her out first thing in the morning and if the problem persists for too long have the vet check her out just to be sure nothing else is going on.
Thanks for the fast reply. This actually what I was thinking was going on. Again thanks. I'm sure I'll be asking more question soon.
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