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New Dog-friendly 2009 Honda Element!

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I have had 6 cars in the past 30 years. Each and every one of them is an American made car. Of the 6 I owned I still own 3 of them. It does not matter to me how dog friendly a car is, I will not buy it unless it is from an American car manufacturer. I will never drive or own a foreign car until all 3 automakers are no longer in existence and then if that were to happen it would be by force.
And this is the kind of attitude that allows the american car companies to slip and make crap. Cause they counted on people to buy American. Honestly, I vote with my money. Make a car I like and trust, and I'll buy your car.

But don't ask me to buy you just cause you are from some country. I'll be sad to see us not have car companies for sure, but they did it to themselves. don't blame people who bought non american cars for voting with their money. Maybe the American car companies should have been paying more attention to what people want.

And I love how people who say buy American only focus on Japanese and Asian cars. And no offense cause I don't think you meant it, but it always kinda stinks a little of racism cause I never hear the people who say buy American complain about people buying European cars. They always aim themselves at Japanese cars.

Oh, here's an anectdote. I had a 25 year old Porsche that had not been taken the best care of by the previous owner. I had less problems with it than my friend who had a 10 year old jeep who had issues like the transmission falling out on the highway. I just sold a 25 year old BMW that was a pretty reliable car while I had it (and I can't afford a car that breaks down constantly but any 25 year old car is going to start to have issues. But the engine and body were still good).

When looking for a replacement car, I heard several epople tell me about their Subarus making 300, evne 500k miles. I believe it cause I saw quite a few that had high 200k miles for sale. Decided it was too big for me honestly (only recently ahve American car companies realized there is a market for small cars. People like me who don't just buy them cause they are cheaper but actually like small cars. One reason Japanese cars have done so well over American cars is they make higher quality small cars where as American car companies relegated small cars to just hte cheap ones for people who couldn't afford better. So if you wanted a small car for it being small, your choice was cheaply made econo car, or a car that was better made, maybe a little more expensive, but realized that you weren't just buying it for economy).

I've never bought American, and I've never thought 100k was high miles (even 10 years ago 100k was still considered kinda high mileage at least if you were buying American made cars).

Never had a bum car yet and my recent one is my first that had less than 100k miles (a Toyota Celica, 6 years old, very young for what I normally have, my second youngest car was 10 years old, a Nissan Pathfinder). I'm expecting to have a long time with it with some basic maintainance (I'd expect this one to probably make 150k. I know people say the engine can make 200k but seeing the mileage that many had for sale, I'm a bit skeptical. But, to be fair, my car attracts a lot of young people who probaby abuse it a lot and dno't maintain it well so how you maintain a car can kill any car early).

There is no car friendly vehicle in existence, sorry. That is just one auto dealer trying to take advantage of gullible people (who love dogs) to buy the product. I was hoping that all those windows in the back came out and were replaced with srceens. Those fans they speak of will be of little help when the dog is left in there and the heat rises to 140 deg. So you can do everything they are talking about to any vehicle, especially SUV, and trucks with camper toppers like I have, and it has full screens on the sides, carpeted floor , full dogy bed, water dish, padded sides, DVD player with many old reruns of Lassie.

My feeling about only buying only made in the USA vehicle, To me alot has to do with the quality of service after you buy the vehicle, and expanding your options, I drive a Toyota Tacoma, and a Grand Jeep Limited, with a HEMI, and they both meet my needs and I do not ever feel unpatriotic one bit, especially after serving 26 years in the military.
I have to agree. I was very disappointed. I was like, so what really does that car offer that you couldn't just outfit another car with that you liked better (shoot, I've outfitted my Celica to be a dog car, heh. And if I really had wanted to buy a car for its dog friendliness I'd get a Subaru Outback)?

Why would I buy that car over another car? Because honestly, pretty much everything they offer I could just buy it seperately and not be tied down to their car. Your idea for screens (or better yet, metal bars so a thief couldn't cut into it to steal the dog) on the window is an excellent idea that other cars could not offer. That would be something they could offer that another car could not just be outfitted with (at least not without some expensive modifications).

I will say it's probably a good marketing ploy if htey are seeing that a lot of people are getting attracted to their car for its already dog friendliness compared to other cars. Let's add a few extras, call it dog friendly, and really reel in the people who already are thinking our car is a good dog car. We'll just seal it in their minds that we even are outright recognizing they want a dog car.
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I am now looking at cars to replace my Pontiac since I cannot afford to maintain it anymore, and I am looking at Mitsubishi Eclipses. I am hoping that I will have better luck.
Uh, I will warn you if you want reliability, Eclipses (and I believe Mitsubishis in general) really don't have a reputation for it to say the least.
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