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New Dog-friendly 2009 Honda Element!

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If the Japanese or Korean cars are supposed to be so well made why is it that I do not see one over 15 years on the road today. My oldest car I own is a 1972 Cadillac. The second is a 1985 Pontiac. The third is a 1991 Ford E350 diesel that I bought in 2001 and to date have put over 100,000 miles on it since I bought it and it's my daily driver.
Well, my Honda Civic isn't 15 years old yet (1999 model), but I have no doubt that it'll make it. It already has 240,000 miles on it (I used to commute 100 miles a day) and is going strong. Hasn't needed anything except normal maintenance.

Every experience I've had with "American-made" cars has been bad. My dad used to loyal to Ford.....until all the Fords in the family were basically lemons. now he says FORD stands for Fix Or Repair Daily, LOL. He drives a Chevy cargo van now, and it's had plenty of trouble since he's gotten it, but it's right-hand drive for his mail route and you just can't get a Honda that's tricked-out for mail routes (OK, you can, but $$$$!). And my mom finally gave up on her Ford minivan (after 3 transmission replacements) and now drives a Honda Odyssey.

Not that I mean to dis American cars. Just that the kind of car you buy is entirely due to personal preference and nobody should insult another person because they have different preferences. It's not like anyone is getting hurt because someone else bought a Honda :rolleyes: . They're actually manufactured in the U.S. anyway, with as many domestic parts as any Ford. Not that it matters.

I like the Element, but I'm never going to buy a new car. So unless someone trades in their "dog friendly" Element after 4 years, I probably won't ever get one. And I think my next vehicle will be a CRV or maybe a Subaru Forester. I have plenty of time to make the decision......my Civic just won't die!
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I did consider a Chevrolet Equinox. It's the only time I've ever considered a domestic car. I have since decided that when I get another car (several, several years), I'll go back to Hondas. I love them. <3
My co-worker recently got an Equinox, and he HATES it. I'm not sure exactly why. He had a Suburban before this one and he loved that.

My dad used to have a tiny Civic 2-door hatchback that he just loved. I know it was pretty old with a lot of miles but I don't know exactly what year it was or exactly how many miles it had. This was when we lived in Japan so it was different from an American Civic. He was bummed when we moved to the U.S. and he had to sell it.

My Civic is the only car I've ever owned, so I don't know if I'd like another car as much. I do know I didn't like my uncle's Buick (the car I drove before I bought my own) at all!
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