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New Dog Dad but of what breed?

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Hi everyone I just adopted 5yr old Chloe they say she is a Lab/Rot mix. Seems every dog is a lab mix, lol. Her brindle paws are throwing me. Anyone have any ideas ? She weighs about 44lbs.
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Cloe looks a lot like my late Esther. She was listed by the shelter as a Plott hound, but I could easily believe lab/rott mix. There was also a guy in our area (east central Wisconsin) who was crossing Rottweilers and Plott hounds - trying to make a better bear-hunting dog (because the Plotts bred since the18th century were not good-enough.)

If you look for images of Plotts, there are some that look very much like Cloe. Plotts have a howl that sounds like a portal has been opened, letting all the hellhounds out. You would probably notice that.

Here's a link to Esther's photos on this forum: Esther
That’s too funny you said that about her having some hound in her, when I leave for work she she barks a few times then goes into a Howl with her head straight up in the air and will do through out the day. Anybody have any suggestions on a good DNA test to buy?
Esther and Chloe look like they could be siblings, how big was she? Chloe is only 44lbs some of her pics make her look bigger then she is. But 44lbs of muscle. Ha
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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