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As some of you might know from my earlier posts, we recently got an English Bulldog named Roxy. She is now 14 weeks old and we simply adore her.

We have two other adult dogs: Samson, a 9 year old Golden Retreiver and Scruffy a 5 year old Bichon Frise. Roxy is natually energetic, nippy and stubborn. They needed a couple days to figure things out, but Samson and her get along quite well. He takes her outside and they stick together in the yard. I'm sure he is teaching her all the doggie ways of the world in the way only a dog can.

Scruffy is another story though. Since day 1, she has nipped and jumped at Scruffy. He initially was jealous. That was obvious. We made sure to show all the dogs attention and let the older ones do simple tricks for treats and through this we've taught Roxy sit, fetch and bark. I think the jealousy is under control now, though probably not eliminated.

Roxy still will chase Scruffy. Scruffy is now fed up, but he still hides out on top of the couch and will bark and growl at Roxy. It is obvious that he does not intend to bite her, though I fear that one day may change.

What can I do to make them get along better?

When we are at work, they are both kenneled. (Kennels next to one another in living room). Samson runs free. At night, Scruffy and Samson sleep in our room, Roxy in her kennel.
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