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If the stranger manages to pick him up he stops immediately.
the above should never happen.. never allow that to happen to your dog... so counter productive of teaching the dog that he should be suspicious of strangers..

not even physically holding him down stops him from defensive behavior
never works for anything positive, causes more stress mistrust towards you and more defensive behavior

two months? that is nothing when your retraining and they not your dog yet to gain any benefits from them. What is your daily schedule, that involves learning and training opportunity to be taught and applied as you go. Learning by doing everyday with a focus. If his training was neglected by his previous owners , then your starting from scratch of needing to teach him baby stuff, to include how to learn, what are humans for... way way going back to introducing communications

I grew up with collies.. the dogs were directly taught two commands one by my dad, sit, and one by my mom, shake.. everything else was just talking full sentences to and they an intuitive enough of a breed with their owners that they just get it... Great breed of dog,, but missing tons of information.

and for all the things he can not do right that he doesn't have the skills , then he should not be given the free opportunity to do them right now. leash him with you until his level of training and communication matches being able to learn new skills .. Not going to get everything all at one time... you have to build skills from the bottom up.

Collies are very protective and very feriece.. We the only house in an US Housing Community overseas that never got robbed . knowing my new breed of dogs instinctively will not accept people on my property I don't need to test them and then tell them it's the wrong answer..and correct them... I set them up making good choices so I can praise them. something that they can learn from that I want them to take forward to the next time the situation comes up.

all the stuff you spoke of ,, new dog who is still bounding and learning human interactions, is missing skills and needing guidance and direction consistently. Don't have the skills yet, let them co behind and baby gate and watch while you handle it... but don't set them up to fail....and correct them .. focus on your bonding daily schedule and skill building focus attention and application of simple OB skills .. and build on that since OB skills go with everything in life...
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