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New Dog Behavior vs. Existing Dog...Advice Please

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My 18 yr old son just picked up a 9 month old Australian cattle dog / blue heeler today...Bella. He rescued her from a shelter. So far, she seems very sweet but seems to get startled from any quick movement.

My concern is my chihuahua who we have had for 9 years. Bella was laying down on the floor when my chihuahua scurried by her, moving quickly like chihuahuas move. Bella got startled and appeared to quickly go after him, kind of like an instictive type reaction to chase something. She seemed to hestitate when she saw him close up but still sort of lunged. I was able to grab her by her harness before she got to him but this has me very nervous.

I am concern that she may grab him by the neck or something and hurt him... or worse. This chihuahua is my baby!!!

Now, Bella was just fixed yesterday so is still groggy. As well, today is her first day in our home, so this is a completely new environment for her. Do you think this may have any bearing on her reaction? Has anyone every experienced anything like this? Any advice to get her used to his movements and behavior? Or maybe change her behavior with chasing quick movements?

For right now, I am keeping them separated unless I am with them. Since I work all day, I am going to be a nervous wreck.

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Keep them separated until she heals from the surgery. Give her time to adjust without quick movements or a little chi in her face when she is still recovering.

After about a week take them both for walks together and such, it's good for bonding.

Heelers like to herd, so watch out if she tries to herd your Chi roughly. You can train her not to do it when she is recovered.

She's probably a little scared and sore, it's most likely normal, just take things slow with her.
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