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Just to have a bit of fun.....

Whipstaff comes from a cross of American Staffordshire Terrier with a Whippet.

CrownAf could be from a Chinese Crested and an Afghan Hound.

Spud could come from a Bulldog.......and anything.

MassivePoo....cross a Mastiff with a Standard Poodle.

I truth. I dislike the wave of Designer breeds. In my opinion, it is just a way to market mutts at an inflated price.

I loathe the breeders that are creating the "teacup" versions with excessive price for a dwarfed breed practice.

Anyone else to imagine an unlikely cross to create a humor named "mutt breed"?

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GoldenShit - Golden Retriever with Shih Tzu ? sorry, I'm immature

Gollie - Golden Retriever with Collie

Doberdox - Doberman with Dachshund

OldEnglishBerger - Old English Sheepdog with Leonberger

That's the best I have got off the top of my head lol

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My late hellhound Esther was likely a Plottweiler. There was an idiot in our area that was breeding Plott Hound/Rottweiler mixes, trying to make a better bear dog than the one developed by Jonathon Plott. Esther ended up in a shelter. She was, to put it mildly, a handful. I miss her terribly.
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