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New Boston Terrier puppy troubles

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Hey everyone! After having a hard time last week about giving up on adopting a puppy (New Boston Terrier puppy this weekend!), I'm happy to say that I found a 15 week pup from a VERY reputable breeder. I flew to another state to pick him up and now he's home in the middle of Manhattan!

He's having a little hard time adjusting right now, I have a couple issues so if you guys have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

- He's not eating ... he did eat about 1/4 cup last night but nothing this morning.
- He is nervous whenever he is outside, expected since he is not a city pup, but he would just stand still and shake a lot, refusing to walk.
- Since he is nervous outside, he wouldn't do his business. I do take him out a lot and he was managed to go No.1 a couple of times, but no No.2.
- He's not used to sleeping alone yet, I had to stay last night on the couch with lights on so he can see me while he sleeps. We tried leaving him alone but he cried a lot and ended up pooping in his crate...
- He's not responding to treats or toys even at home, so it's a little hard to train...
- Breeder said that I should feed twice a day (1/2 cup each), but everywhere I read online people suggest 3 or 4 times a day. What should I do?


Here's a shot of the little guy Woody:
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-It's not uncommon for a pup in a new home to not want to eat. Are you feeding him the same thing the breeder did? You can add a little water or wet food to try to entice him to eat.
-Don't worry about walks yet, just get him used to being outside and all the city noises. Sit somewhere quieter with him outdoors, maybe hold him in your lap and feed him treats if he'll take them while you listen to the noises.
-Make sure you throw a puppy party everytime he does his business outside. Lots of praise and treats so he thinks going outside is the best thing ever.
-Can you let him sleep in your room? Move his crate in your bedroom if you can, dogs prefer to be with their family and he'll sleep better if you're near and you'll sleep better in your bed.
-What treats are you offering? It might just take him a while to adjust before he starts accepting treats or wanting to play.
-I like to feed pups 3 times a day personally.

He's adorable.
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