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New Boston Terrier puppy troubles

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Hey everyone! After having a hard time last week about giving up on adopting a puppy (New Boston Terrier puppy this weekend!), I'm happy to say that I found a 15 week pup from a VERY reputable breeder. I flew to another state to pick him up and now he's home in the middle of Manhattan!

He's having a little hard time adjusting right now, I have a couple issues so if you guys have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!

- He's not eating ... he did eat about 1/4 cup last night but nothing this morning.
- He is nervous whenever he is outside, expected since he is not a city pup, but he would just stand still and shake a lot, refusing to walk.
- Since he is nervous outside, he wouldn't do his business. I do take him out a lot and he was managed to go No.1 a couple of times, but no No.2.
- He's not used to sleeping alone yet, I had to stay last night on the couch with lights on so he can see me while he sleeps. We tried leaving him alone but he cried a lot and ended up pooping in his crate...
- He's not responding to treats or toys even at home, so it's a little hard to train...
- Breeder said that I should feed twice a day (1/2 cup each), but everywhere I read online people suggest 3 or 4 times a day. What should I do?


Here's a shot of the little guy Woody:
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Give him time. Be patient! He's adorable, by the way.
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