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New Bernese Mountain Dog Owner

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We are the owners of a 5 month old Berner. We picked him up at 8 weeks from the breeder. He is pure bread. We have never had a Berner before and this is our first puppy. We have a young active family. We are struggling raising him and could use any help and suggestions. Due to COVID Our obedience Class was cancelled and he hasn’t been able to socialize with other people or dogs. Quite honestly he is a terror. Help!
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Hmm where to begin
First off we have a young family with little kids so I’m sure we can be doing more. Our attention is always darting around we definitely accept that responsibility. We take him for at least an hour or two of walks and give him a frozen Kong a few times a day, as well as teach him the basics; sit, lay down and come. He struggles with his impulses below though
-mouthy, nippy and aggressive at times
-can not get him to settle when he is out in the house with us. We have a mud room which we have made his home and he loves it but he never settles when we have him out with us and it’s a struggle to allow him around when our 3 year old is playinb because the puppy just jumps up and knocks him over.
-jumps up on the couch and then gets aggressive when we try to get him to move (we have never taught him to jump on the furniture).
-struggles on a leash at times although we moved to a harness and that is a huge help

We have started to have the re-home conversation which makes me very sad and angry. Teaching our children responsibility is a huge part of this and we feel like We are failing on all fronts. But we have to do what is best for the kids and the puppy. HELP!!!
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