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New Bernese Mountain Dog Owner

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We are the owners of a 5 month old Berner. We picked him up at 8 weeks from the breeder. He is pure bread. We have never had a Berner before and this is our first puppy. We have a young active family. We are struggling raising him and could use any help and suggestions. Due to COVID Our obedience Class was cancelled and he hasn’t been able to socialize with other people or dogs. Quite honestly he is a terror. Help!
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Get the book, "How to Raise a Puppy You can Live with" by Clarence Rutherford. It is very comprehensive and can be very helpful for a first time puppy owner. I do not agree with every word in the book, but if you have never had a dog before it is a good choice!!

Also, socializing is NOT letting your puppy MEET other people and dogs. Socializing is a terrible descriptor for getting your puppy out and around to see other dogs and other people but NOT to go face to face. In fact, if people want to pet the puppy the answer is NO.. your puppy is a little kid. Did you let strangers pick up and hold your babies? The object of socialization is for the puppy to see different things in the world and to learn you are their safe place.

A puppy of this size is not a good play mate for a 3 year old. Puppies bite, the jump, the run fast and knock little kids over. They are not calm and snuggly at all.. get your 3 year old a stuffed toy dog for that.

Toddlers such as 3 year olds do not know how to act around dogs. They will pull on them, sit on them and poke them.. and the dog should not be sat on, poked or pulled. Keep the three year old and the puppy separated and help the 3 year old learn how to properly behave around dogs.
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