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New Bernese Mountain Dog Owner

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We are the owners of a 5 month old Berner. We picked him up at 8 weeks from the breeder. He is pure bread. We have never had a Berner before and this is our first puppy. We have a young active family. We are struggling raising him and could use any help and suggestions. Due to COVID Our obedience Class was cancelled and he hasn’t been able to socialize with other people or dogs. Quite honestly he is a terror. Help!
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These are all totally normal behaviors for a puppy. If you can hang in there until he's about 18 months old it'll pass. It's just exacerbated because he's a big boy. I just went through this with my standard poodle puppy - my previous dog lived to be 17 years old so I'd forgotten how rotten puppies were, haha. I'll post some training and management suggestions later when I have a minute, but in the meantime, Google "it's your choice" and "sit on the dog," both of which helped my pup learn to be marginally less infuriating.
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