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NEW BEHAVIOR - biting!

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My Pomeranian/toy poodle puppy is almost 6 months old, we got him at about 3 months, he has always had issues with teething and nipping but it was never malicious he was just hard to train with this behavior. Recently, he started biting HARD and angrily when we do something he doesn’t like. He bares his teeth and bites our hands if we try to take something from him he shouldn’t be chewing on, and if he knows he’s going to be put in the crate. (I have to put him in the crate every day he has never gone in willingly. He’s rarely in there more than 4 hours as I often work from home but he has NEVER bitten me for this until recently, only whined). This is not his typical biting behavior!! If he is play biting and we tell him to stop he stops and starts licking which is progress from before! This is new and very obviously aggressive he doesn’t let go and draws blood! What should I do?
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Dogs start to guard more when we grab things away from them. You need to start practicing “leave it” exercises every day. Hold biscuit in fist at dogs nose level, calmly say Leave it (once, don’t repeat cues). Have a good meaty treat hidden behind your back. Once he backs up a little bit, say Yes! and give treat from other hand. Repeat 5-6 times per session. Never grab things and walk away, without rewarding him for giving them up. Keep a few treat jars around the house if you need to get something away.
It’s very important to present the treat After he gives up so he doesn’t give it up only because he’s going for the treat.
Start playing Crate Games, so he doesn’t hate it so much. Throw toys in there, give him a bone or frozen Kong to enjoy in there, toss pieces of food in - while keeping door open. Feed his meals in there with door open. Practice closing door for a minute then let out. 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc... Change his mindset to realize crate isn’t so bad. Search “crate games” online.
You may need to take a class or hire an in-home positive reinforcement dog trainer. I feel these can benefit everyone in so many ways!
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