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Hey all! I've been meaning to join a puppy forum since I got my puppy, and I finally decided to do it today. My name is Kelsey and I just got my first puppy about four months ago. She's an American Eskimo/German Spitz, and she's the most precious thing in the world (as I'm sure all dog owners think the same ;)). She already knows sit, lay, roll over, high five, and speak, and she's not quite potty trained cause I wouldn't let her out on the grass for quite a while (I'm pretty paranoid).

Anyways, as a side note, I PROMISE I'm not just here for this, since I'm extremely glad to now be a part of a community where I can ask questions and hopefully get helpful responses (since I can be extremely paranoid about my puppy's health and whatnot), but I just recently entered her in a cutest puppy contest... and if ya'll would like to see a pic of her/like to vote for her on FB, ya'll are more than welcome to! Here it is, and you can like it if you think it's cute! If that doesn't work, you can search for The Point 94.1 FM, go to the cutest puppy album (there are SO many cute ones!) and click the third picture... and that's her! Obviously don't feel like you have to vote or anything, just thought I'd offer it as an option. :) I'll post some pictures here on the forum as soon as I can figure out how, because I know all dog owners loveeee to show off their babies.

Anyways, her name is Anana, which is Inuit for "beautiful", considering she's an American "Eskimo". ANYWAYYYSSS, I'd love for you all to introduce yourselves/show me pictures of ya'lls puppies/all that jazz! I can't wait to become an active member on this forum and hopefully a contributing one as well. :wave:
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