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We've been taking our dog to the dog park for months now and she's been great, up until the last week. She is a mutt and a rescue, we found her under a truck in Mexico a year ago, we guess she was about 8 weeks old when we got her. She is a small, medium sized dog, pretty athletic. Anyway, she was the runt of the litter in Mexico, and grew up with another dog who passed away about 3 months ago. Up until the past week, we have been able to pretty much bring her to the dog park and let her roam free, but recently she's been becoming aggressive towards other dogs, mostly dogs that have a submissive nature. Jawing and growling, enough that we're going to curb bringing her to the dog park for the time being.

She does not exhibit this behavior with all dogs, just submissive ones at the park. She just started living with a cat as well, and that is going fine, the cat tolerates her, and she is just more curious than anything else.

Any thoughts/suggested behavior modification techniques would be appreciated. I'm happy to talk more about it if possible as well. Thanks!
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