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We got a new Jack Russell from the SPCA about 4 months ago. He is about 4yrs old and wasn't fixed until we adopted him. No other pets in the house.

About a week ago he started eating the weedy grass that grows in the side yard when I take him out there to pee. He will sit and nibble at it for a few minutes if I let him. He shows no interest in eating the regular lawn out front.

His appetite for normal food is good still, and we haven't seen him throwing up at all.

He also seems to be sneezing occasionally and itching himself more lately, but I can't tell if this is just me being a worried new parent or not.

Finally, the last three days he has been making this throat clearing noise when we start our afternoon walks. He only does it a few times usually and doesn't seem distressed by it.

I've never had a JRT before, so he's a new experience for sure.

The only thing I can think of is maybe he's having an allergic reaction to something... Last week I switched his meaty treat from beef to lamb, so maybe he's having a reaction to that?
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