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My daughter and her dog have been camping and hiking in New Mexico and Arizona for the past week. They stopped at a dog park in West Texas this morning to give Tucker a little run before the drive home to Oklahoma. There was a young boxer there with no sign of an owner and no collar or tags. A couple guys there said she had been there a while and they called animal control, who said they would not come and get her. (???!!!)

She called me and said, "I can't just leave her there." I agreed, though it would not have made a great deal of difference if I disagreed. She figured, if nothing else, she could find her a home in Oklahoma City where my daughter lives.

By the time they had driven a few miles, the dog had a new name and my daughter had a plan. Desert Rose - Dezi, for short - was in the back seat snuggling with Tucker. They stopped at a pet store and got some supplies. Tomorrow, she'll get her into a vet and start from scratch (assuming Dezi doesn't have a chip.) I warned her to be prepared for the worst. The dog - a white boxer - could be deaf, pregnant, heartworm positive or any of a number of things. She's likely had no training and may not be house-broken. Somebody dumped her for a reason. (Probably not a very good reason.) My daughter says, "Well, whatever. It's not her fault and it's my problem now." My daughter is a social worker and has no problem meeting challenges head-on. I am immensely proud of her.

Dezi looks like she knows she hit the jackpot.


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I would also say staffie, regardless she looks like one happy pup! Is your daughter planning on keeping her?
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The head really does look more pit or staffie than boxer, but I can see it in that deep chest and longer, skinnier tail. Not sure I would've assumed boxer over any other tall bully breed without the DNA test, but I can totally see it!
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