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I've still not 100% decided on a name yet, though I've got some ideas. I've taken a ton of pics though so I wanted to share, he's the most adorable red nose Pit puppy, imo of course lol. He's really a great puppy, so far he's been very easy with potty training and keeps to a schedule. He does normal puppy stuff - trying to chew kids toys out shoes, but he's really good about sticking to puppy toys when given to him. He isn't crated much but he doesn't whine or complain. He's very calm when being bathed, which is a plus for me. He's learned to walk on a leash pretty easily, recalls off lead, obviously will need more real training on this, but he's a very easy pup to get to pay attention and focus on my when I ask. Only issue is getting an attitude with other the dogs.

First time with flirt pole

Close up

Nap time
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