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Been a long time since I've been on here! But After 4 years of not having a dog after my last passed away I finally decided to adopt/rescue a new dog. A little back story: I adopted a German Shepard from the shelter that a lady had brought in because it was dumped in a field by her house, which the field is a notorious dumping site for animals. She had contacted me because she knew I was looking for a dog who was good with kids (Via Facebook). She told me for the short time she had her ( shelter was closed when she found her) she noticed she was super calm, gentle, and seemed to love being around kids. So she dropped her off the next day at the shelter and I had went in that same day to tell them I wanted to be on the list for adoption when she was available. That was the longest wait of my life. When the time came we met her and it was instant love. She loved my son ( I was pregnant at the time with my daughter). She was the best dog I could of asked for, she was so gentle with my kids and very protective. The vet felt she was a pure breed, because of her looks, stance, and characteristics, and that it looked like she may had been through some scent work training. When my daughter was born she never left her side. When I went through my breakup with my ex ( my kids father) she was there for me, and really helped me through that. We did so much camping, fishing and traveling together, she even hunted a baby rabbit on a camping trip ( kiddos never knew about that haha). Sadly she had to be taken over the rainbow bridge due to cancer that ravaged her so fast even the vet was shocked. I was there for her when she was put to sleep and it destroyed me. That was 4 years ago. I had thought about getting another dog but none clicked and I was really just to sad to do it. Then one day while scrolling Facebook I saw a post in a group I am in about a husky who was a stray. When some people went to go catch him they looked for a homeless man he would be with sometimes. When they asked him he said the dog had been around for quite some time and he would feed him when he had extra or when he could but it wasn't his. I got all this information from the lady who took him in. Once they were able to find and catch him, a wonderful lady took him home for the weekend since shelters are closed then, and gave him a bath and took care of him before taking him to the shelter. She said he was wonderful with her son, seemed very well mannered and calm as well. When i saw that post it was like how I found my Leia ( my gsd) all over again, so I called the shelter right after I saw it to be put on the waiting list for when he became available for adoption for a meet and greet. Luckily I was the only one who had called so I was first on the list, though they informed me he did come in with worms, ( I had contacted the lady about him and she had told me), I said I didn't mind as I have dealt with worms before. They informed me of a time to come do the meet and greet and that I would only be called if the owners came or if they decided to do rescue only because of the worms. It was the longest wait yet again, fearing a call. The day came and no call, we went and met him and it was yet again instant love. He rubbed up against me and my kids as if he had been around us before, and just stayed by my side when he wasn't rubbing on my kids. I decided right then and there I would adopt him. So I did, the next day when they did his neuter, I had them clean his teeth, and sadly the poor boy needed 4 extractions, one was really bad, got all his shots and dewormed. He is only 71 pounds, you can see his ribs and spine a bit, so the vet says he needs some weight, he said aim for 80 and he should be golden. Outside of that he healthy and he guessed between 4-6 years old but he said 5 seems more probable. We decided to name him Bucky ( after the Marvel character Bucky Barnes, we are big nerds) and it seemed fitting as he was getting another shot at a new life. There is a picture of the FB post I saw and how he looked, and 2 pictures after one lady took him home and gave him a bath and then a picture at my home.
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