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So, Diezel is four months old and I was thinking that when he hits the golden 5 month age that I would get him fixed, but i'm worried that he's so rambunctious that he might hurt himself or rip his stitches out or something terrible will happen. I need some advice for me to get through his pre and post fixing and what ages everyone got their dogs fixed at? I thought 5 months would be a good age but I wanted to know what age everyone got theirs fixed at. Any advice please :)
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thank you all for your input, i have to get him neutered before 6 months anyways since rescuing a dog at least in michigan is law to have them neutered. or else they can come to my house and take him back. which i doubt they would do but who knows. I know that my vet wanted to wait till after 6 months to do it but i told him my situation and i want to get it done at 5 months before he starts becoming way too much of a handful.
I also find it easier as a pup because after they are potty trained, the crate just becomes their "house" and doesnt get closed. If I do it while they are younger and still being crate trained they are easier to contain while healing.
diezel doesn't have a choice whether the door is open or not. he would sleep in bed with us if he could but we don't have enough room so he has to sleep in the crate lol
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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