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So, Diezel is four months old and I was thinking that when he hits the golden 5 month age that I would get him fixed, but i'm worried that he's so rambunctious that he might hurt himself or rip his stitches out or something terrible will happen. I need some advice for me to get through his pre and post fixing and what ages everyone got their dogs fixed at? I thought 5 months would be a good age but I wanted to know what age everyone got theirs fixed at. Any advice please :)
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Our latest pup was neutered right before we got him they guesstimate at about 12weeks. He was rambunctious and his stitches opened slightly but he healed just fine. I just wrote a research paper for school on spaying/neutering and from what I found in a few different articles it is best to spay before the first heat cycle and neuter before 6months. Neutering before 6months eliminates the possibility of testicular cancer. The AMVA (I have sense some people on here arent fans of them I'm just stating what i've found it was also backed by Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, British Small Animal Veterinary Association and the American Animal Hospital Association ) suggests pediatric spay and neuter are the best. Pre-pubescent procedures are quicker then adult dogs therefore less time under anesthesia and less complications. They also say younger dogs heal better then adults. The procedure is being done as young as 6weeks now.
I don't necessarily agree with the AVMA on anything - they support frequent vaccination and are trying to get rid of raw food (obviously due to the fact that they work had in hand with pet food companies.) They aren't impressing me at all, especially since, it's been proven that it can affect growth rates to neuter early.

We are waiting until 18 months, if we do it at all. I have no problem containing an intact dog, but others do.
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