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So, Diezel is four months old and I was thinking that when he hits the golden 5 month age that I would get him fixed, but i'm worried that he's so rambunctious that he might hurt himself or rip his stitches out or something terrible will happen. I need some advice for me to get through his pre and post fixing and what ages everyone got their dogs fixed at? I thought 5 months would be a good age but I wanted to know what age everyone got theirs fixed at. Any advice please :)
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My doberman is 19 months now and still intact. I wanted him to finish growing, especially since he's a bigger dog, before I got him fixed. Of course, this was a decision I had to make after figuring out if I wanted to (and could be) responsible for an intact dog and that's not for everybody.

Many puppies get neutered young and are perfectly fine. Since Diezel is a male you don't really need to worry so much. It's a quick and simple surgery and not anywhere near as major as a spay. Running around a little shouldn't harm him. I'd suggest lots of short controlled walks and mental games/training post-surgery to tire him out since you do want to try to keep him from being super active. Minimize the jumping too.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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