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So, Diezel is four months old and I was thinking that when he hits the golden 5 month age that I would get him fixed, but i'm worried that he's so rambunctious that he might hurt himself or rip his stitches out or something terrible will happen. I need some advice for me to get through his pre and post fixing and what ages everyone got their dogs fixed at? I thought 5 months would be a good age but I wanted to know what age everyone got theirs fixed at. Any advice please :)
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I got mine fixed at 6 mos, b/c it was Labor Day and I was home to watch him for a few days. I had a similar problem. And, the surgery is so 'routine' that many dogs feel just fine the next day. Talk to the Vet, some Vets have printed handouts of what to expect. But, if there is a concern, you can go with an Elizabethan collar for a week, so that he can't get at the site, and will be less included to run around...

You can also keep him crated and on leash. BTW, when my dog was allowed to run around... he was worse than before the surgery :) ... b/c he had been cooped up and not allowed to run.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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