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I'm so sorry for your loss. Sudden losses like that are traumatizing, I know. My last dog was fine on Friday when we went to bed, then so sick he couldn't stand up Saturday morning, and I had to put him to sleep Monday. So now when my new dog sneezes, my heart stops. I know just how you feel.

There is no guarantee to anything. You could buy a puppy from the best breeder on the planet and it could die a week later from parvo, 2 years later from cancer or 15 years later of old age. You could adopt a dog used for breeding, fed crap food and generally neglected and she could be healthy and live to a ripe old age. Or not.

It's okay not to take a special needs dog if you don't want to. It's okay to buy from a breeder as long as you pick an ethical breeder. You do what you are comfortable with.

As for the specific dog in question, take her to your vet and ask him what he thinks. I doubt a short period of time breeding (and it would have been short, she's only 3) would have a debilitating effect on a dog. A quick search shows that GWP are a healthy breed, being subject only to hip dysplasia (all large breeds are), cardiac problems (again, common in larger breeds) and Von Willebrand's type 2. A quick search on VW2 shows that, if she had it, she'd likely already be dead from the breeding, but again, you could have your vet check that out.

Good luck!
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