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the poster was on b4 trying to figure out how to deal with this. Apparently the dog is loose and comes after them (attacks) and during the winter, shovelling snow at their own house was an issue.

In that post they were going to get a catch pole or trap.. but the whole thing segued into some sort of catching the dog and nailing it with a cattle prod etc. (I suspect out of frustration with the situation). Of course, any of that would have been torture for the dog and certainly cowardly.

This is a follow up and the situation has not changed. Sort of like an "I told you so" post is my guess.

This neighbor is aggravating in other ways and the dog runs the OP's dogs along a fence (ir I recall all of this correctly). To avoid that, the OP put in a double fence so the dogs had space between them. There are other issues as well from what the OP said b4. There is quite a bit of acreage in all of this as well.

Being a PIA to Animal control might work. Filing paperwork and filing complaints also might work.. but this is not the US (Canada?? as I recall???).

I suggested a Cattle Prod if the person felt threatened by the dog, but only as a method of driving the dog away so they could shovel the driveway for snow to get out to go to work.

Essentially, this post is stating nothing has changed.
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