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Neighbor was tormenting my dogs.

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Back story:

5 yr old border collie/greyhound mix traumatized by evil neighbor while I was at work during the day, unknown to me obviously. My dog jumped up above the fence line and scratched him on his shoulder. He called animal control and she was quarantined for 10 days.
Started crate training all of my dogs during the day while working for fear that he would poison/hurt them. We have just bought a new house and my parents have been watching them for me while we move in. We are going to be bringing them home in a few days and I would like to be able to keep them all outside during the day. The neighbors on both sides are retired and home during the day (like the other neighbor).

The main problem is that he would use his lawnmower to torment them and now they go absolutely crazy when they hear one. They've never liked lawnmowers, but now the 5yr old one is terribly frightened and aggressive towards them. She is able to clear half of her body over a 6ft privacy fence no problem and that's how she got him that time. I really don't have anywhere in the new house to crate them, and we are going to build on an addition/sun room and keep them in there during the hot Texas summers anyway, but that will be a little while until it's done. She is very destructive when left alone in the house no matter how many numerous tips/training I've tried.

Is there anything anyone would suggest about how to go about helping her get over this event and back to the loving sweet playful dog that could be left alone all day without problem?

Thank you.
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Or you could always tie her up in the house... It sounds mean, but it's not any "meaner" than a crate. : P
I do not like this answer at all. I've never seen a crated dog hang themselves in advertently. I've never seen a crated dog tangle themselves up and end up spending 8-9 hours or more in the hot sun with a full water bowl that they couldn't get to just a few feet away. It's way meaner than a crate.

I would crate the dogs inside or keep them in a run with a roof or tarp over it outside. A crate really doesn't take up that much room when it comes down to it.
Well, it wouldn't be any different then tying them up outside, and I wasn't saying tie them up outside...
There is a huuuuuuuuge difference between tying a dog up and crating a dog. It's the difference between sending a kid to their room and chaining said kid to the floor somewhere. The former is acceptable, the latter is child abuse.

Putting a dog in their crate is the equivalent of sending a kid to their room. You put a dog in their crate with a stuffed kong, a rawhide and/or some other toys and you've basically sent a kid to their room with an XBox and cable TV.
As a neighbor, I'd be annoyed by that added expectation.
I agree. I don't always mow my lawn on a set schedule. Some times I come home and go, "Well, the lawn is long today, let's just mow it." I don't want to take the time to figure out if the neighbor's dog is outside, knock on the neighbor's door and let them know I'm going to be mowing, wait until the dog is inside, then mow. Also, what do I do if no one answers the door and the dog is still outside. I'm not going to wait until tomorrow to mow my lawn. It may rain, or I may be busy, or I may not be in the mood tomorrow, or whatever.
We have a neigbor where his dog goes nuts with a lawnmover too. When he moved in he came around to all the neigbors and asked if we could let him know if were going to mow our lawn if we saw the dog out. Most of us have done this and it seems a better solution then the person not letting us know and risking getting the dog hurt becuase he is trying to get out of his yard, and possibly hurting a person. What if this was a mentaly challagned child would you be as annoyed with that expectation then??
What do you do if the neighbor isn't home?
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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