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Neighbor was tormenting my dogs.

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Back story:

5 yr old border collie/greyhound mix traumatized by evil neighbor while I was at work during the day, unknown to me obviously. My dog jumped up above the fence line and scratched him on his shoulder. He called animal control and she was quarantined for 10 days.
Started crate training all of my dogs during the day while working for fear that he would poison/hurt them. We have just bought a new house and my parents have been watching them for me while we move in. We are going to be bringing them home in a few days and I would like to be able to keep them all outside during the day. The neighbors on both sides are retired and home during the day (like the other neighbor).

The main problem is that he would use his lawnmower to torment them and now they go absolutely crazy when they hear one. They've never liked lawnmowers, but now the 5yr old one is terribly frightened and aggressive towards them. She is able to clear half of her body over a 6ft privacy fence no problem and that's how she got him that time. I really don't have anywhere in the new house to crate them, and we are going to build on an addition/sun room and keep them in there during the hot Texas summers anyway, but that will be a little while until it's done. She is very destructive when left alone in the house no matter how many numerous tips/training I've tried.

Is there anything anyone would suggest about how to go about helping her get over this event and back to the loving sweet playful dog that could be left alone all day without problem?

Thank you.
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If anyone out there has a way to train their dogs without themselves being there, please let us all know how you do it! This seems like a neat trick. I'd love to have my dog trained while I'm away.

In response to the OP the only way that you can ensure that you pets are safe and not disturbing the neighbors is to keep them crated inside. That may not be the response you wanted to hear and it's probably not the solution you're going to use. My family and I were in a similar situation as you with annoying neighbors. Our family dog used to be kept outside and as typical dogs do she would bark at the people who walked behind our house and the birds that landed in her yard. The neighbors decided to take matters into thier own hands and broke into our house & stole our dog. They returned her later that night after we got home, they had taped her mouth shut and legs together with duck tape. We were told by them that she jumped the 6ft high fence and if she did it again they would tape her up like that and throw her in the delta. They were not very nice people to say the least. We then tried keeping our dogs in the garage while we were gone for the day. That ended up with them destroying lots things, incuding chewing threw sheet metal, and making lots of escapes everytime we opened the garage door. Lastly we decided to keep them crated inside and it's been the best descision we could have ever made. There were still problems with the neighbor harassing them and us when we went outside, but we didn't have to worry if they were going to be safe during the day. The only other option that we didn't try was putting a kennel in our backyard. That was ruled out because of it's expense and the fact that the neighbors could still hear and harass our dogs.

Hopefully your new neighbors will be better than your last and you'll find an effective solution that keeps everyone happy. Who knows maybe your new neighbors have xeriscape landscaping and won't need a lawn mower at all :p
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:eek::eek::eek: There's got to be a law against that. I can't even imagine what I'd do to the neighbor who did that to my dog.
holy cow! why didn't you call the police!!!???
There are laws against it and my parents did call the police. Our neighbors ended up going to court and being ordered not to own a dog for a set number of years. There was no financial compensation that we could get because, at the end of it, we weren't out anything. The only damage we had was to the lock on the front door, which there wasn't enough physical evidence to link it to them.
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