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NEGLECTED DOG...what can i do?

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Everytime I walk my pup around our apartment complex I pass by a certain porch with a dog locked out on the porch.This is literally EVERYTIME i walk by(sometimes 3-4 times a day). She's hunched over in a corner(these aren't large porches either) because her feces and urine COVER the ground. She seems to be fed on a regular basis but RARELY has water and down here in Alabama it gets dangerously hot during the summer. She's completely listless and when we walk by and Nico goes up to sniff(you can smell the porch from 30 yards away) this poor pup wont even raise her head.I'm not a dog expert but I know thats not normal at all. I don't know if she's sick or dehydrated but she is definitely kept in unsuitable conditions. The feces and urine havent been cleaned off of this porch in over a month and I cant walk by anymore without doing SOMETHING....what would yall suggest???
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Contact your local Animal Control and let them know about the situation and see if they can do anything about it.
I"d be calling Animal Controll right away, as that IS neglect, and cruelty to the animal. I couldn't watch that happen without calling, as i've done it before ......call that is, only in this situation there was two big dogs confined to very little room. And they were on top of a long flight of stairs near the door, and couldn't move much. I thought it was a SIN.
Call AC. If they won't do anything, call the Health Dpt. Urine and feces are unsanitary.
I agree... call animal control and report to your apartment complex management. That is absolutely disgusting and wrong. :(
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