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Need Some Help Please!

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I hope I am posting in the right section, but need to ask for some help because I no longer know what to do.

I've got a year & a half Beagle/Lab mix who has been quite the handful to train, but with some persistance have been doing pretty good. Now, here is my problem.. I live in Canada, so we just had our winter and the snow has melted. My dog is house trained and when left alone is good at understanding not to go to the bathroom inside. She goes to the bathroom out back, but now that the snow has melted, she doesn't want to step on the grass. I've cleaned up all the "mess" from the winter, but now she is starting to go to the bathroom inside because she just doesn't want to go outside.

I really need some help, I don't know what to do. I've taken her out back on leash and tried to get her to go to the bathroom, I've sat out back and thrown some treats on the grass just to even get her on it..but nothing seems to work. I need some help please, when I come home from work now I'll find her pee on the main floor and poo in the basement because she won't go out before I leave for work. She has no problem going on a walk, but I don't get why she won't go anymore in my backyard. Help!
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I have a dog that is like this also...she hates getting her feet wet or dirty:) The best thing to do is either walk her down the street so she can go and get a crate so when your not home she is confined and normally dogs do not go to the bathroom where they sleep. I don't know if you can really train her to go out in the area she doesn't want to go...forcing her might be a behavioral issue waiting to happen:(

**they also have boots that you can get for dogs that covers their feet**
Caeda gets funny like that sometimes, she hates it in the summer time when the grass is wet from rain, she doesn't want to step off of the deck.
Have you tried going out on the grass yourself and beckoning her to come with you (maybe a tiny bit of pressure on the lead, but don't force it), lure with treats maybe, or a toy? Sometimes Caeda doesn't want to even go out in the rain, but if I go, she'll follow.
You could even tether your dog so it can reach the grass easily, go out there yourself and just...I dunno...frolic? Act like its a great fun place to be, despite the melty sludge that I know you probably hate (I know I do, I'm in Canada too, it just hasn't quite melted yet). Once you get her thinking that its fun out there she might start willingly going on her own. On the other hand you might always have to put your boots on and go out there first....better than her messing on the floor inside though!
I've been watching my dog since this post and we have had alot of rain here, so everything is pretty wet. I think she just doesn't like the wet grass touching her bottom...these are all females we are talking about and when they squat they are pretty low to the ground. My dog has pooped in the mulch for three days now...she has never done this, but its a different texture then the grass!! And she is looking for lower cut grass to go pee.
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