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We got a French bulldog 45 days old on 5th April. When he arrived he had cold and the breeder said he gave him a bath in morning that’s why. The vet gave an anti allergy and cough syrup. He recovered in 15 days. He suffered a paw injury while playing with one of his brothers and he recovered in 1 week. On 5th august we took him for 2nd vaccination and he was 4kgs. He ate well, drank water, played with 2 brothers, slept peacefully. The vet said he was doing good. Few days later we noticed a lump on his back where he got the shots. He did not show any discomfort and in few days that lump faded. I noticed some sounds during his breathing in deep sleep. But he was happy and eating well all the time. On 29th late night suddenly he peed while sleeping, when he was put on floor he walked a bit and vomited blood. He ate watermelon in evening so we were confused about blood on red colour. But it happened a couple times and his breathing increased. Around late morning we took him to vet and he was put in incubator. X-rays showed 70% filled with fluid. Oxygen level was 66%. Doctor said he is in critical state and got aspiration pneumonia and chest infection. That day evening his oxygen level reached 80%. But next morning by 6am juna left us. Doctor said he was exhausted. We still don’t know what happened. The doctor also said his wbc count was low so there is some infection. Another doctor talked about aspiration pneumonia. I have been searching on blood clots. But I really need some solid answers on this.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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