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Need pup help

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Hopefully I can get some help here as I'm getting more and more frustrated. My youngest dog Ally is 4 months old or so and no matter what I do, continues to relieve herself in my living room. I've tried the bell on the door, having her scratch at the door when she goes out, everything and she still continues to do so. I shampooed the carpet in there and had it blocked off for a week. After I opened the living room back up, it was literally 4 min and she went in the living room. It also seems like when I let her out on her leash she will urinate but wait to come in and then go number 2 in the living room

The bad thing is that my older dog, my 9 month old Diesel is starting to pick up on it. Just tonight he came in and urinated on my bed for no reason.

I have cables set up in the back yard to let them go out and roam around a little and go to the bathroom out there. Neither of the dogs will do their thing out on the cables, especially Ally. I have a hard time even getting her to go in my yard. For some reason if I let her walk across the street or near the neighbors yard(no dogs) she has no problem going.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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