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need people who havd dog with docked tails and dewclaws

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Roxi our new rottie has her tail docked but they didn't dock her dewclaws. It is weird to see a rottie with the flopping dewclaws on her back legs.

My question is, could they still be docked? She is 7 months old. I plan on askign my vet, but I just wanted to see what you guys think. If it is possible I plan on having them done when we get her fixed!

I am so worried she will egt them caught on something!~
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Cracker had her rear dews removed when she was spayed. Wasn't such a big deal..just bandage changes for a week or ten days. She had to be "low exercise" after her spay anyway so it was good to get them done at the same time.
I am still curious as to why they didn't take them off when they docked her tail! The fee is all in one, so why not do it all!!! It is odd IMO
Yes absolutely.We had our Italian greyhound done at around 7mnths when she was spayed as well.I am also going to have our new pup Sasha's back dewclaws removed when she is fixed.Shes a rottie mix and got her tail docked(kinda stupid for a mix breed and I think they did it themselves because its way too long, should be at the second vertebrae and its at the fourth).But her back dewclaws are not attached and flop around, I worry about them getting caught like the Italians did, thats why we had hers done, she only had one and they didnt even bandage it, healed up really fast.
My vet mentioned removing Ripley's dewclaws when he was neutered and already under anesthesia, but still wanted something like $350 extra for it...she also mentioned that they were pretty firmly attached (I guess not all of them are) and she didn't think they would be it would be a problem leaving them...since it sounded purely cosmetic in Ripley's case, we left them. We've never had any issues with them, just be sure to keep the nail trimmed.
Wow thats expensive.Our vet tacked on an extra 25 dollars and thats it.But the toe had no bone and was basically just hanging on so maybe thats why it was so cheap.Our Sasha's have bones in the back dewclaws but they still arent attached.It might be more expensive because she is so much bigger too.
we aren't worried about the front ones as they are attached and pretty much hidden. The back one's though are soooo far from being attached and flop around everywhere! I will talk to my vet and see! But if it will be 350.00 to do it I don't think I could justify spending that much for Dewclaw removal!
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