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Need help

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I live in Aurora Colorado where pit bulls are banned my puppy got out of the house yesterday she's a service dog they don't want to give her to me cuz they're saying she is a pitbull
she's not a Pitbull she's a king corso and bulldog mix what can I do because they don't want to give her to me and me and my family want her back we miss her and the lady that we were talking to was being very rude and she really didn't care about anyting that we were saying.
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Sorry, I do not know what to do in this situation, except to quickly contact every pit bull group or animal advocacy group you can find to ask them how you can fight back. I'm afraid that if quick action isn't taken, your dog could soon be put to sleep.

Don't be stopped by that rude official. Their goal is to get you out of their hair as quickly as possible. Their mode of operation is to behave like a _ _ holes, hoping you will be intimidated and frustrated and just give up.

Get help fast. Don't let them win. Your dog needs you now.

Is there a local vet who knows your dog and can intervene to vouch that your dog is not a pit bull?

Maybe the Humane Society of Aurora can help advocate for you and your dog. They seem to be used to dealing with the local animal control:

Here is a pit bull group in Denver. Maybe they can advise you:

^ The following blurb came from that website:

Do you have any friends of the family who are lawyers and can intervene on your behalf?

Here is a random pit bull group's contact page I found:

I have no personal connection to any rescue group, but I have seen many youtube videos on pit bull interventions from the New York Bully Crew:

All I know is those guys look tough, knowledgeable, and good hearted in their videos. If you need someone to tell you how to fight an injustice, New Yorkers are culturally a good bet.

Get help from someone quick. Fight for your dog.
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I found the article below that says participating in a current effort to modify the existing laws have been:

The Colorado Liaison For Animal Welfare


Former Councilman Charlie Richardson

If you can reach them, maybe they know what can be done.

The article: TOTAL BULL? Aurora looks at ending breed ban, allowing forbidden ‘pit bulls’ back in | Sentinel Colorado
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