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Need help with Timberwolf Husky mix!

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My dog is 22 weeks old, a Timberwolf Husky mix, is house broken, listens well but for some reason will not stop going to the bathroom in his crate. The crate is plenty large enough and he is only in there for a max 4 hours and that is an absolute max. He would normally be in the crate for 2-3 hours while everyone is gone from the house. But the time limit that we are gone does not matter. We could be gone for 3 hours or 30 min and we still come home to him not only him urinating in his crate but its almost as if he likes to lay down in it. Its disgusting, gross and I'm getting frustrated with it. Please help!
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Dogs do not like laying in their own waste. I don't have experience with wolf hybrids but I was wondering if your crate is TOO big. It should as far as I've heard only be big enough for them to stand, turn and lay down. If it's any bigger then that may be why he is having accidents. You could consider getting a crate divider or smaller crate. Do you take him out potty just before crating him?
Yes, I leave him and my other dog outside in our fenced in yard for as long as they like to be out. Usually an hour or so on nice days. The crate is the perfect size as you described.
You do know that if your pet really is half wolf you'll eventually need 12-foot fencing with dig guards and climb-over protection, right? It won't be safe to leave him in a regular fenced yard for long.

What kind of breeder did he come from? If he was kept in a small dirty cage when he was young, he'll be much harder to potty train. It's the sort of thing that gets ingrained very early. Anyway, if he's learned that pottying in his crate is OK, you'll need to change things a bit. Making a pen for him could work (I doubt a regular ex-pen would work for a Husky, much less a wolf mix!). Or some other form of confinement that's not a crate.
Did not know that about the fence, thanks for the info! I got him from a farm when he was 9 weeks old. Like I said he's very smart, listens well and learns new tricks fast! He is great with other dogs and kids (have a 3 yr old) despite the breed that he is I have not seen a mean/wild side to him yet however I am watching closely and correct anything that I feel could turn into bad behavior. Honestly the only issue that we are having with him is that he is going to the bathroom in his crate when we are gone any length of time and every once in awhile he will dig a hole but thats to be expected and I already broke him of that habbit for now. If we leave the house and he is not in his crate he does fine but then we risk him chewing something he shouldnt. Just cant break him of this crate peeing.
Make sure you do a lot of research and get your info from reputable sources. Wild animals are not the same as domestic animals and there's no telling how dog-like or wolf-like a hybrid will turn out. Here's one good site: http://www.wolfpark.org/wolfhybrids.shtml
gwalk, I'm gonna get one of our Wolf Rescuers into the thread to help you out. I think you need alot more information on raising a potential hybrid.
Honestly, everything is going great except for the crate peeing. Can we all please focus in that?
Completly disinfect the crate, and walk him, not just letting him out on his own, to be sure he pees before he is put in the crate. Then I wouldn't leave him in so long at first. Take him out after an hour, move up to two, etc. Retrain him. Some.dogs, if kept in poor sanitary conditions see nothing wrong with lying in their own waste. If the area he was whelped in was filthy, he may not have had an option as he got bigger to urinate anywhere else.
Is this a new issue, or has it happened since you got him?
It's more of a newer issuer because putting him in the crate when we leave is a new habit. We clean the crate with oder removal spray for pets and a small amount of bleach spray. I'll try what you suggested with starting with an hour and moving up. That sounds like it should work. Thanks!
It could be the start of Separation Anxiety, however it could be something more if he is, in fact, part wolf. They REALLY don't take well to crates, so you may have to do something with an outdoor enclosure. That's why I have already asked Cindy to come in to help you.
I could actually make that work. I have an overhang coming off the back of my shed that is enclosed on three sides.
If he's 22 weeks old then he doesnt have much wolf in him and is probably mostly husky. But they can still have things like the seperation anxiety and etc. etc. also. I rescued a very low content animal that is mostly husky that I ended up finding out the hard way had seperation anxiety, if put in a crate he would flip out wet himself and everything. He is house broken really good and does perfect in the house, but if I was to leave, even for 5 mins. to walk to the house next door he would even freak out and try to bust threw a window. I ended up having to resort to letting him out while I was gone. He will not go over a 6 ft. fence but he does dig so had to put down dig guards. Now thats not for all of them I have two others that I had to build a 8 ft. enclosure for but those are really high content animals. Size of the fence is just going to count on how the animal is. Heck I've seen pure blooded huskies go over 6 ft. fences. Also i ended up with a new problem with the putting him outside when i go off. If it rains he will start screaming like crazy, tried to get him a dog igloo and he even refuses to go in it, ended up having to put in a doggie door to my attached garage.
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