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morning everyone,

I have a little Poodle, she's 4 years old, and about 8-9lb. I put her on a raw diet starting with drumstick, but because she's so small, I think a whole drumstick has too much bone for her, because i noticed her poo became white/chalky form.

What should I do in this situation, I don't want to chop the drumstick in half, just because I'm afraid she might chock or swallow a big chuck of it.

The only thing that's smaller than a drumstick is a chicken wing, is chicken wing a good idea?

I did some research on raw diet, but I notice most of the receipts are for larger breed dogs, what are some good bone choices for small breed dogs?

Since I'm new to raw diet, I wasn't sure if feeding meat, veggie, and some fruits would be sufficient for her, I feed her a frozen dog food (Tylee's frozen dog food, claims to be human grade) to her two or three days a week. Is it a good idea to switch between frozen food a raw diet?
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