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You have good skill, a few tweaks the two will be able to be around one another. For one, don't allow toddler to approach or pet the dog. EVER. If she wants to show love then give her a treat or toy and have her throw it away from the dog so he can grab and eat/squeak. Teach her what he means when he is grumbling at her and what to do. Do all this with dog safely behind bars of course as much for dog's safety as hers. You can tell a toddler what to do but doing it every time doesn't happen! He is not a cuddly toy, he is a dignified herding dog that is already of a reactive nature.

My first dog was a bit dubious of kids but going backpacking with a young boy cured that. She had clean up duty and loved kids forever after that trip. You probably are past the point of baby dropping food but he could clean her plate, she could give him her hated bread crusts or wash out the ice cream bowl. If this is a daily ritual there would be at least a couple times a day where he'd feel friendly towards her.

She may be old enough to get the lessons from some of the the family dog videos.. I sent them to my son and family and they helped with a brand new exuberant large pup. One twin tends to want to pull the dog around, the other hated the pup chewing up his toys. Neither liked getting bounced on by the pup and they got a lot from some of them. I was concerned about them pushing the pup to snapping before they all knew one another. Watch them to see if any are something you are comfortable allowing her to see. Catchy songs can teach better than a talking to from grownups.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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