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Need Help with a new dog

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He just came to my doorsteps few days back with a collar on his neck , I've waited for its owners and it seems like no one is coming for him .
As a person who never owned a dog before , i am seriously in trouble understanding how to approach this .
But him being so good to me , i decided i should keep him

Am here to know the basic things regarding him , like perhaps his probable age , breed ,kind of things
please do tell me how to feed him properly also.

Sorry if its too much to ask , as i said never had an experience before
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He's very cute.

I could be wrong, and if I am, please accept my apologies, but the way I'm reading your OP, it's as though you've done nothing to actually trace his owners?

The owner could be still out there, frantically searching for his or her dog. I certainly would be. I've seen first hand how much of an emotional toll it can be when a pet goes missing -, the worry, the grief, and I've felt the panic when you first realise your beloved pet is gone (luckily mine always came home after an hour or so). So if I found out someone had my dog, and had had them for days, I'd be furious.

Before you claim him for your own, I'd recommend taking him to a vet - for 3 reasons:

1). They can scan for a microchip and if present, trace his owners. There may also be something on the system declaring him lost or stolen (I'm not accusing you of theft here, just saying it's a possibility)
2). Give you a rough estimate of his age
3). Give him a general check up

If there is no chip, I'd put up some Found Dog posters with a picture of the dog and your contact details. If you have Facebook or other social media, I'd also post about him on there.

If he's not chipped, and no one comes forward to claim him, then by all means, keep him. By then, you'll have an idea as to whether he has any health problems. (It could be that he was left on your doorstep because he has health problems.)

Breed-wise, I'm hopeless at these things, but to me he looks like a rottweiler cross, and from those pics, I'd say he's still a puppy.

As for food, puppies require more frequent meals than adult dogs, but someone else might be in a better position to advise you there. :)
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