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Need Help with a new dog

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He just came to my doorsteps few days back with a collar on his neck , I've waited for its owners and it seems like no one is coming for him .
As a person who never owned a dog before , i am seriously in trouble understanding how to approach this .
But him being so good to me , i decided i should keep him

Am here to know the basic things regarding him , like perhaps his probable age , breed ,kind of things
please do tell me how to feed him properly also.

Sorry if its too much to ask , as i said never had an experience before
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I would check out lost dog sources in your area. I see you're not in the U.S. and so don't know how it is where you live. Here, there are shelters that have lost dog lines. I connected with an owner through one of those for a dog I found once.

However, I would not post photos on posters or online or a complete description anywhere. That makes it all too easy for someone who is NOT the owner to claim the dog is his and walk off with him, and someone who does that is not likely to have good intentions. Post something general but hold back some particular bits of information such as about that oversized collar, the sex of the dog, etc., so that you can weed out any fakes like that.
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