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Need Help with a new dog

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He just came to my doorsteps few days back with a collar on his neck , I've waited for its owners and it seems like no one is coming for him .
As a person who never owned a dog before , i am seriously in trouble understanding how to approach this .
But him being so good to me , i decided i should keep him

Am here to know the basic things regarding him , like perhaps his probable age , breed ,kind of things
please do tell me how to feed him properly also.

Sorry if its too much to ask , as i said never had an experience before
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If you have done everything to find the owners and are keeping him, your first move should be a trip to the Vet.
He looks like a young puppy and will need vaccinations. The Vet can also answer lots of questions.
Typically I recommend feeding twice a day. If the dog doesn’t eat all the food At breakfast, pick up the bowl in 20 minutes and add next portion onto meal for dinner. Put down for 20 minutes. This helps with potty training and obedience training.
The bag Of dog food will tell you approximately how much to feed. Always start at minimum amount and adjust if necessary.
I would highly recommend getting into a positive reinforcement puppy class ASAP to give him his best life and teach you what you need to know about owning a dog.
How big is he? It’s hard to say what breeds he might be?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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