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Need help where find 1 1/2 inch comb attachment for Andis clippers

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Need help where find 1 1/2 inch comb attachment for Andis clippers

I want to give my Goldendoodle a trim once in awhile like three or four times a year.

The rest of the time every 6-8 weeks I will take her to groomer.

I'm looking for a comb attachment that is greater than 1 inch that can fit an Andis AGC2 clipper.

And I could use assistance on whether I should use a number 10 or number 30 blade or shouldn't it matter if I'm using a comb attachment.

Thank you so very much for any help and advice for a newbie.

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A #10 blade will work with combs, but they work best over a #30 and that's typically how they're designed to be used. Won't do any damage using a #10 - I have in the past - but it's a little more choppy.

What you're looking for seems to be a #12 (1.5") comb, though lengths over 1" start at #10 (1.25"). I'm seeing several on amazon using the search "12 clipper guard A5" without the quotation marks (A5 is the term used for the standard interchangeable blades across most quality, popular clipper brands, and should be what the AGC2 comes with). Many seem to come as part of sets, and I have no experience with most of the sellers or manufacturers I'm seeing so I'm reluctant to recommend any specifically, but I hope that search phrase will help you find something that works for you. Double check the description and questions/answers if the listing doesn't explicitly say it fits A5 animal clipper blade for sure.

I will say that, in my experience, the longer the comb the harder it is to get an even and smooth cut (at least for my amateur skill level - I've only ever used up to a 1"), but if you're just using it for maintenance and don't mind it not being perfect it'll be fine. You definitely have to have a really thoroughly combed out, tangle free, clean coat for the longer combs/blades though, it'll make your life way easier and the experience a lot more comfortable and quick for your pup.
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Thank you VERY much.
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