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Need help urgent!! 6 week old rescue puppy.

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Hello everyone, a friend of mine rescued a Labrador puppy yesterday and gave it to me. I live in Pakistan and there aren't any official dog rescue centre so he had no place to go. I really love animals and need urgent help.

The puppy was in really bad shape, we took her to the vet and he diagnosed her with Pneumonia and started antibiotic. She had alot of fleas so the vet sprayed her and she was also de-wormed. So now the thing is that the puppy is not eating anything. She's small so we are feeding her milk mixed with water with a syringe w/o the needle. She vomits after half an hour of taking the feed. We took her to the vet again today and he said he was dehydrated because of the vomiting and had fever. He gave her a syrup for vomiting and suggested us to give her glucose and oral rehydration solution to combat dehydration and signs of anaemia.

She keeps on moaning and is restless and very slow. Please let me know what else can i do to make her comfortable as it seems like she is in alot of pain. And also suggest what should i give her for the fever. Thanks.
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If she's that dehydrated, the vet should have given her sub-q or IV fluids :/. It can be hard to bring them back from severe dehydration without doing that. If you can, take her back to the vet and ask about that. . .sub-q fluids can be given at home once the vet shows you how to do it. If not, give her a small amount of rehydration solution very frequently. Like a teaspoon (5 ml) every 10 minutes, if possible. If she throws that up, try a smaller amount, say 3 mls every 10 minutes.

I don't recommend cow's milk--it can cause vomiting. If you can get goat's milk or actual puppy formula, that would be better. Also try some pureed meat (jarred baby food is easy but you can make it yourself, too), but until she's rehydrated she won't be able to digest food anyway, so rehydration is the most important. Keep her warm, too.

Poor baby :(. I hope she recovers.
Can you get goats milk? That would be best.
Or boil some chicken (boneless/skinless) in water, and let the water cool and offer her that.
Fluids (IV or sub Q) at the vet would be best.
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