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I have been searching online for a new akita puppy near Arkansas but it seems like most breeders are in different states that are too far for me to drive to. When i do get in contact with different dog breeders they either bad at communicating or they are scammers. But there is a breeder in Easton, Pennsylvania that have a website called Family American Akita Pups who wants to sell me a puppy for $700 and told me they shipped my pup for an extra $130 through cash app or moneygram at a pharmacy store.
Should i trust this breeder or should i keep looking for another breeder?

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I'd run from this one.

  • I can't find any website by the name you said on google with a few different searches, which is fairly suspicious
  • PA is sadly home to a lot of Amish puppy mills, so any breeder in that area needs to be looked at with extra scrutiny to ensure that they're not affiliated with this unethical and inhumane breeding practice
  • Moneygrams are always suspicious to me, as they are a method scammers use because it's very difficult to impossible to get a refund once the payment goes through to the recipient. This may also be the case for the cash app - it would depend on the app. Services like PayPal have a pretty decent complaints system where you can open a dispute if it seems like you're not getting what you paid for, but many other apps aren't meant for business transactions and don't have much buyer protection at all.

I would look into breeders here: Breeder By Location List. This is the primary Akita Club in the US and is associated with the AKC. Breeders they list will have to follow some basic code of ethics rules that ensure they're doing a minimum to breed in an ethical and responsible way, and do minimal testing to reduce the chances of their puppies having health problems. Because responsible breeders don't breed large quantities of puppies, you may need to get on a breeder's wait list until they have puppies available, but you'll be getting a puppy from health tested parents who are good examples of the breed, and who have had lots of personal attention in their earliest days rather than growing up in a cramped kennel with almost not human interaction or exposure to normal household things.
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