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Need Help Identifying The Breed Of My Puppy

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Hi There, I Am New Here And This Is My First Post. I Recently My Sister Got A Puppy From A Friend, I Don't Know What Breed It Is And I was Wondering If You Could Help Me Identify It. Lol I Can't Seem To Upload Pictures,
So If You Would Like To Help Me, You Could Give Me Your E-Mail Address And I Could Send You Some
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My Sister Was Told That She Is 2 Weeks Old When We got her On Last Saterday. And I've been doing Some Research N Lookn At Some Pictures, To Me It Resembles A Dogo Argintino(Argentine Mastiff). But A Freind Of Mine Told Me That Her Paws Are Small And She Couldn't Grow Up To Be a Big Dog.
It´s deffinately not a Dogo Argentino because they have very short hair as pups..they resemble dalmations (short coats,white,stocky etc).I know because there are ALOT of them here and it happens to be one of my faves ;) Heres one so you can see:

This/your pup has fuzzy hair,like a 2 week old husky would have.It´s paws are also very small,so I´m guessing its a medium/small size breed what ever it is.Is she a mix? How come your sister has puchased a dog yet doesnt know what she is? Disnt she see the parents or at least the mother?
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My Sister Say's That Her Friend Was just Giving All The Pups Away. I Know Itz Too Young. But It's Better Than Being Abandoned. Had no teeth abt 2days Ago but now has Some (developing)
I at least hope that she´s bottle feeding the pup with propper puppy milk? Poor thing :(
Oh,and tell your sister that she´s going to need to stumlate the puppy to pee and poop...he wont do it on his own.She´ll need a warm rag/wash cloth and she´ll have to wipe it across his genital area softly after he eats.This will stimulate him into pooping and peeing.
Having a puppy from this age is VERY hard work..I´ve done it a few times with fosters and it´s an around the clock job.They need to eat every few hours,be stimulated etc.It´s hard work and not everyone knows what to do :(
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