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My dog is an almost 4 year old male chocolate lab rescue. I got him from the shelter 26 months ago. He was housebroken and crate trained when I got him, but nothing else. He's VERY treat motivated, so I have taught him:
*Down (lay down)
*Off (off furniture usually)
*Out (when he sneaks into the kitchen or bathroom where he's not supposed to be)
*Roll Over
*Play Dead
*Take It
*Leave It
*Wait (when crossing a road or exiting a door - I must go first, then he follows)

Within the past 6-8 months or so, he has become very stubborn with where he is willing to pee. I cannot get him to pee a decent amount without taking him on a long (1+ mile walk). Now don't get me wrong - I love taking him on walks and we go on many long walks. Sometimes, however, I just need him to PEE without the long walk! My biggest obstacle is that he's deaf and dumb outside. He does not acknowledge anything that I say (even his favorite words such as dinner and treat). He does not acknowledge or care about any treat that I may have. I have literally tried to give him dog treats, cheese, bacon, and a big juicy steak. He could care less. Inside, he'll go bonkers over a carrot. Outside, nothing fazes him.
I have tried:
*Giving him a treat and praising him for peeing (usually fails as he won't acknowledge or take any type of treat)
*Walking him several times by a spot I know he likes and saying "go potty" (a phrase he knows) and continuing until he goes, then praising and trying to give a treat. This usually ends up as a stand-off which he wins because I have stuff to do and he doesn't. If he tries to walk away, I say NO, go potty, and guide him back to the bush/tree.
*I have tried giving him 10 minutes to pee in a decent sized area with several good spots. If he refuses, I guide him straight back home without stopping to do anything and he has to wait 2 hours before he gets to go outside again.

This dog has a massive bladder. I did take him to the vet and medically, he's fine. It's just an issue of stubborness. His record is 26 hours without peeing (and with drinking plenty of water). Needless to say, he finally squatted and peed for what seemed like an hour in the front yard because he couldn't hold it anymore.

It's also gotten to the point where I can take him on a good mile long walk and he won't find ANYTHING good enough to pee on. It's SO frustrating.

Sometimes I just need him to pee a decent amount QUICK, like at 6am when I need to leave for work. Every morning we go on the same path for our AM walk and at bedtime, we go on the same bedtime walk. It's been over 2 years - he knows how much time he has to pee and that he's not getting to go anywhere else during these walks. We do walk 1 mile to the dog park every day and spend 45-60 minutes there before walking back.

He will pee his hearts content out at the dog park! He's off leash and pees until he's empty and he still tries to pee on everything after he's empty. If I walk him to those spots ON leash, he's not interested. The few times he's gotten out off leash, he pees on lots of stuff too. On leash, not interested.

Please help! I don't know what else to do :(

-Exasperated Dog Owner

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I breeze thru this quick and just going to Add for now your dog might have associated with relieving himself with walk is over! Did you try and be hard headed like him:) and stay in one spot as soon as you go out when you know he has to relieve and stay there until he does then try steak and long walk. Might work for a few days to associate relieve when I come out steak long walk.

Also it sounds like your dog is holding it to mark everything in his path. Therefore you will have to stop him from marking and only sniff and relieve on command. I have a 11 pound Maltese that will hold I on to mark for an hour walk but if I only make him sniff and relieve when I say he empties quicker...

Ok also as for not listening to you outside or cues dogs do not generalize to good so you have to start from the beginning with every command and lets use sit for example and make him sit EVERYWHERE you go ! And do it for all cues ....

Hope this helps pretty sure you will get much more great opinions ! Feel free to ask more :)
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