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Hi there,
I am new to the board and was happy to find it. I have been back and forth from the vet, trying to figure out what is causing my Shih Tzu's vomiting, since I got him at 9wks. He is now 11 months old and still has this problem. I was hoping to hear from others that may have some knowledge of this type of issue. Even if I know specifically what tests to ask about and for, I think that may help me, as maybe they have missed something.
The vet has tested his blood, taken xrays, tested for all and any type of illness (that I am aware of) and he is up to date on all shots and on heartworm and flea prevention. When he first started the vomiting (at least when I first saw it, after we got him), the vet (and I) thought it was due to his not eating... he has had an issue with that since day 1, as well. He would be perfectly content not to eat at all (sometimes he won't even eat the treats he loves). So, they thought the vomiting was due to a sour stomach. I began mixing a prescription food with his regular dry food, at the vet's suggestion. It was basically just turkey and rice and was meant to keep the dog fuller, longer. I fed him 3x per day and the last time was before bed, to keep him from having a sour stomach in the am. He ate it for a while and then started turning his nose at it. Even while eating it, he was vomiting off and on, on some days. The vomiting never stopped. So, the vet said that maybe it was a food allergy, but could not tell me what it was. She just said I could try plain chicken and rice for a while and do an elimination diet. Well, he vomited off and on with whatever food he was eating. He vomits before he eats and after - throwing up some of the food, along with a white and/or yellow foam. At this point, I don't know what to do, but I know it can't be normal for him to vomit so frequently. What is worse, is that many times when he vomits, it triggers a reverse sneezing attack. This morning he had one right after he vomited and once I covered his nostrils and got him calmed down and breathing, the attacks would just keep coming. They went on for almost an hour... every 5 or 10 minutes this morning. He was miserable and being only 9 pounds, his whole body shakes and is taken over by the reverse sneezing, while he tries to breathe. I feel terrible for him and want to know what is causing this and how to help prevent it.
Sorry for the lengthy explanation... just want to provide as much info as possible. Please help! :(
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