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Need help: Dog circles infront of TV

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Having a problem with my dog always getting over-stimulated watching TV in the lounge when me and my partner are.
He will start going in circles over and over, getting more and more hyped up and occasionally whining. Makes no difference if there's sound or not, or the type of content.

We don't want to exclude him from the lounge area, as it makes up a large portion of the house.

Does anyone have any idea why he might be doing this? And how we could go about training him not to?

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When TV is not on either crate him in that room OR teach him to do something (like "go to bed") and have him do that thereby giving him a job to do. If the TV is loud, turn it down.

I would opt for a Plastic crate (so it is like a den) and putting him in that while you are watching TV.

Another thought is leaving the TV on all of the time for awhile so it simply becomes back ground noise.
How much exercise is the dog getting each day? Walks, play, training........

Sounds to me like the dog has pent up energy and is wanting to interact with you.

I don't think the TV is causing the dog's behavior.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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