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Need help choosing new food

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Hoping for some advice on a good dry food for a 9 year old german shepherd. He is my mom's dog and he eats Honest Kitchen for dinner and dry food in the am. He was eating TOTW Pacific Stream which was recalled. I'd like to find him a new dry food that is not made by Diamond because we don't want to keep having to look for new food at his age as he also has a sensitive stomach - he had a double hernia repair 2 years ago. It also has to be affordable so we can keep feeding THK at night :) I'm interested in a food that is made in house - I know Fromm does this but that is out of her price range. I've also heard about Precise and Nutrisource, any other suggestions or opinions on those brands. If possible I'm trying to find a food without potato this time - I've heard it's not great for dogs that tend to get ear infections. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Nice to see someone else who feeds The Honest Kitchen. What one do you feed? As far as kibble, these are potato free....by the way, sweet potato is different than white potato when it comes to sensitivities. Look at Darford, Natures Variety Instinct, Canine Caviar, Horizon Legacy, Back to Basic, NutriSource and Earthborn. Not all of these foods varieties are potato free so check them out.
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